More Strange Childhood Happenings That Made My Parents Worry

Maybe you picked up on what a whack job I was as a child from my last post or maybe you’re just slow. Please allow me to elaborate. This is not meant to be said for bragging rights, but  I had an imagination like no other. Up until about second grade, I had one solid friend- shoutout to my BFFL from the start Lucy Noble. We walked around the playground clutching our floral diaries and inviting people to our “club” by asking them to sign them. You think I’m kidding? I’m a hoarder so my diary is definitely buried in the depths of my closet and once I can retrieve it I promise to post evidece. It’s no suprise that until we were separated into different third grade classes, we were pretty much eachother’s only company which was just fine with us. We used to play house on all of our play dates and without fail I was always the older sister; I fondly referred to myself as Siobahn (if you’re unfamiliar, pronounced SHA-von). Mhm.

As if I haven’t embarrassed myself enough already I’ll show you a picture of what I looked like at this age. No, I didn’t have a cute exterior to make up for my unusual personality. Quite the opposite, actually. My mom thought straight across bangs to accompany my bowl cut was cutting edge style and thus I looked as follows:


I realize this picture is a little dated for the time period I’m referring to but needless to say it captures my bowl cut to a tee. There’s not a family album I flip through where I don’t silently questions my mother’s mental state when she made the decision to depict me as a small English boy. I’m sure there were a few nights my mother lay awake wondering if it was her own doing or if I would really look like this for life.

Pictured on  the left is my sister Katie, slighlty more feminine looking but sporting a masculine edge with her lack of hair. People tell us we were close when we were younger, actually genuinely liked each other. Somewhere around the age of 7 and straight on through til 18, that fondness disappeared. I want to take this time to apologize to all of my friends, family, extended family, neighbors and innocent bystanders who had to interact with the two of us simultaneously during those years. I’d like to think based upon recent events that we’ve moved beyond that unfortunate period. Again, sincere apologies & God bless.



2 thoughts on “More Strange Childhood Happenings That Made My Parents Worry

  1. …”but I had an imagination”
    What’s with the past tense? Seems to me that your imagination is as facile and turbocharged as ever.

  2. Great writing, Hils. And funny.
    And apology accepted!! I knew you’d come around. Some of my favorite FB stallings are of you and Katie having a blast together!

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