A Thousand Thanks (and an editorial note)

I can’t say thank you enough for the overwhelming amount of support we’ve received from a single editorial blog post. When I wrote it, my intention was to set the record straight among my campus about what was going on with our chapter. The purpose was to provide a voice in a situation where our accusers were doing anything to prevent that voice from being heard.

I have never been so humbled in a single day and to everyone who shared and continues to share, you’ll never know how  much this means to my sisters and I. This is no exaggeration when I say I don’t know who 90% of you are and I think that’s what makes the whole thing so incredible. Obviously, this is no isolated issue in the Greek community and unjust rulings happen more frequently than most of us realize.

A word on the negative feedback:

Just as it was my own opinion that entitled me to write this post, you are equally entitled to your own opinion. What is unappreciated is remarks that seem irrelevant and unneccessary in an effort to ridicule my opinion.  But then again, as I can defend my posts, you are able to defend yours – the beauty of freedom of speech.

A general note on the publicity- my generation has pioneered the social media age so yes, I knew exactly what I was doing when I posted this and I am entirely aware that it is available for public view and that nationals could see it. What concerns me is that people who may have  brought this to my attention, would ever think I would expect this to be kept under wraps- to be frank, it is actually quite insulting to my intelligence. Quite the opposite of trying to keep this situation all hush-hush, I think people should know what happened here and be able to recognize that it is wrong. In regard to the photos that were posted from the senior celebration: the photos contain  no alcohol and they were posted after we found out that our memberships were being revoked; so no, we did not get in trouble for drinking in letters and then posting it. If you’re really still up in arms that we drank in letters, here’s a fun fact: it is  not prohibited by Chi Omega nationals to drink in letters if you are of the legal age. To people using that as a defense, I am delighted to inform you that your defense is in fact, invalid.

I also wanted to address a few false allegations in the comment section. There were additional events that occurred which contributed to our national organization’s decision to conduct a membership review; personally, I was in no way involved in these events, nor were my roommates. These events had nothing to do with why we were asked to resign and I resent the fact that people are approaching me via posting on this blog with the notion that I had anything to do with it. I did not mention it because it did not pertain to me personally, nor was it the reason for my blog post. Let me be clear: that is an entirely separate issue that did not occur at my house, which I did not address, and has nothing to do with the reason I have been asked to resign. Any questions? 

Furthermore, I consider myself to be rather sarcastic. In fact, you should stop reading this blog all together should that sarcasm offend you. And yes, I have a flair for the dramatic and since both of these traits are in my personality, this is how I express myself through written word (hint: I think my English teachers referred to this style a satire?) I’m sorry if that is offensive to you but if you refer to some of my later posts, it’s how I write and I’m not about to change it because it doesn’t please everyone.

I’d like to be able to respond to everyone to who comments, both positive and negative, however I unfortunately do not have the time, and for the select few who vehemently oppose my opinion, the patience or appropriate filter. Again, thank you for everyone who has supported this blog post. I had not expected nor intended the outcome of what has occurred since I posted this. Regardless, I stand by everything I originally said and see no reason to apologize for those thoughts, opinions and feelings.



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