Mother Knows Best

I’d like to dedicate this to every painfully awkward Pre-teen, I-hate-my-life-Teenager, and I-know-Everything-College-Freshman, out there. I was you once and after years and years of causing your parents literal hell and possible brain trauma from the sheer sound of your screaming voice, I had an epiphany. I think it happened during my first week I spent abroad in Florence. I had this idea that because I was going to be in Italy and not in godforsaken New Hampshire that the weather would be all palm trees, blue skies, and butterflies. Someone should have showed me a map. Truth is, although Florence was having a particularly rough winter, the climate isn’t all that different from that of the Northeast. My mom lectured me for days prior to my departure telling me I would regret not bringing my puffy winter jacket with me. As I rolled my eyes in response, I thought to myself, no way am I going to need that but nice try, Kell.

I’d say about five days in as I’m venturing 30 minutes across the city to get to my 8 am class, whimpering – in part due to the wind chill pulverizing my face, but also because I was brutally homesick, a thought dawned on me that maybe my mom was right, and maybe I’d only be half as miserable if I was then if I had just heeded her advice.

I could reflect on the past decade and tell you every instance in which my mom proved me wrong, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. The point is, our parents make suggestions to us all the time that we brush off over and over; and because although they’ve got roughly 3 decades on us, we have this crazy notion that we’ve been around the block and know just as much as they do.

If my mom is somewhere out there reading this, she knows how I hate to admit that I’m wrong so I really hope she takes this as some  “coming of age” , personal growth or “maturity” step of some sort. Anyway, this awesome ad by Mullen has popped up a few times on my news feed today and I realized that this post that has been saved as a draft for far too long, deserved to be published in conjunction with posting this. Watch it – you won’t be sorry!


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